Lookbook Autumn | Winter 2024

The era of new dreams…

With ‘An invitation to Long Island’ in our pocket, could this
day become any better? This question is easily answered as we pass along
rows of warmly coloured Dahlia’s, Hydrangeas and Chrysanthemums.
Sometimes less seems ‘more’ but in this case ‘more’ is perfection…

Our story continues with a ‘Lunch at The Plaza Hotel’. Time for some
small bites and a drink? The Palm Court restaurant has an excellent menu
and features an golden décor of Ferns and Palms. Feast your eyes on the
glistening leaves surrounding you. A moment of high-end luxury!

Just around the corner is ‘A secret paradise to enjoy’. The afternoon clouds
take over while we make our way back into the conservatory. Smiling from
ear to ear we have re-entered a secret paradise filled with exotic looking Orchids
and striking leaves. Let’s enjoy ourselves with a musical tune…

It’s time to say goodbye for now with a fitting ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ ending.
Come on, let’s  join in on this astounding spectacle. Watch the room fill up with
the swanky sounds of the Charleston. Even the glamourous flower arrangements
full of Ilex berries, rosy Apples and velvety Amaryllis look like they’re swaying to the beat!