Autumn | Winter 2021


Special moods and moments.

This time our team has paid extra attention to the materials. See and feel for yourself how velvet, shiny metallics and even the use of acrylic offer an extra touch of glamour and luxury to your bouquets.

Let our 4 main themes accompany you through your best moods & moments. A fine selection of the prettiest delicate colours is presented in Mellow Mood. Warm soft 'n easy. Powerful coloured and vibrant flowers you'll find in Lover Delight. Brightness guaranteed! Classy and exciting reds are waiting for you in Rosy Afternoon while showstopper Midnight Sky presents an amazing variety of shades of blue.

Come on & get in the mood!


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Spring | Summer 2021


Now here's what we propose: anything goes..

With destinations like Capri, Miami, Provence and Covent Garden we take you on a trip around the world. Discover beautiful flowers, gorgeous plants and delicious fruit. This collection celebrates new horizons, chances and possibilities. No limits as to what we can achieve and create.

Traditional, contemporary, trendy, glamouruous, simple, arty... create your own style. Or... why not create several styles suiting every mood, room or location.

Join us on a fantastic voyage!


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Trees and Plants


Let's not beat around the bush...

Here they are, our beautiful trees and plants. They will grow on you from the moment that you lay eyes on them. Proudly presenting themselves in all sizes and shapes. Ready to liven up every project or event. So lifelike and beautiful that you can smell the forest air. Touch wood... thanks to pure craftmanship you can enjoy this lot for life.

Step into our green world and agree that even mother nature would smile!


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