Autumn | Winter 2024

The era of new dreams…

Let's journey back to the roaring 20s – a time of new dreams, jazz, flapper dresses, Old Fashioned cocktails, and crucially for our tale, abundant luxurious flowers. 1920’s floral arrangements were tremendously abundant and richly overflowing. They all had one thing in common… A lot of sparkle and pazazz!

Now that we have set the glamorous mood for our Autumn & Winter 2024 collection, you will certainly want to know, what you can expect from us…So get ready to be dazzled.

Our Silk-ka team has crafted a stunning array of high-end faux botanicals in jaw-dropping colours. Only the finest earn our signature label. Grab your pearls and feathers and get all dolled up.

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Spring | Summer 2024

A modern fairy tale!

In a land far, far away is where our new Silk-ka spring and summer collection 2024 story begins. A surprisingly modern fairy tale with an enchanting collection of flowers that will awaken the adventurous spirit in all of us!

As the story continues we discover the most wonderful life like flowers, branches and leaves you have ever seen and touched. Guaranteed to bring that little bit of magic to spark your imagination.

And let’s be real, sometimes we daydream about being that brave princess or that handsome prince, be swept away into a fantasy world. Whatever it is, just like our flowers it will bring you the feeling of a happily ever after!

Let yourself be enchanted…

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Trees and Plants


Let's not beat around the bush...

Here they are, our beautiful trees and plants. They will grow on you from the moment that you lay eyes on them. Proudly presenting themselves in all sizes and shapes. Ready to liven up every project or event. So lifelike and beautiful that you can smell the forest air. Touch wood... thanks to pure craftmanship you can enjoy this lot for life.

Step into our green world and agree that even mother nature would smile!


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